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Meal Support

Would you like some extra support navigating those eating disorder thoughts while in meals?

Join me for a meal or snack for some added accountability. This space can be whatever you need. 

Want to work on having a relaxing meal talking about that relatable tiktok? Cool!

Do you need a safe space with meal coaching. We can take it one bite at a time. You've got this!


Support Groups

Stay Tuned for Support Group!


Let's Collab!

As an intuitive eating dietitian, I bring a different perspective to classic nutrition education. 

I could rant for HOURS about diet culture, intuitive eating, and prevention of eating disorders. I believe building awareness around eating disorders, diet culture, fatphobia, and body respect can help bridge the gap and decrease the risk of negatively impacting our lives. 

I can provide educational talks to schools, sports teams, and other clinicians open to learning more. 


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