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Meet Liv


 Back when I started my education in nutrition, I will admit I was one of many that entered the field with the intention of helping others with weight management. I too, was influenced by diet culture and thought weight control was the key to health. Boy, was my perception skewed! 

While I was in school, I struggled with my own body image. I tried eating "right," exercising routinely, and you know what? Any time I was in that mindset, I was miserable and pretty confused. Turns out no matter what your body looks like, if you have a negative mindset, no number on the scale will make you feel better or more confident. 

I started to noticed numerous issues related to the weight loss industry and had the opportunity to work alongside Intuitive Eating Dietitians. They opened my eyes to a whole new world of nutrition counseling. From then on I have committed myself to helping others learn about intuitive eating, body neutrality, and eliminating diets for good.

I received my Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics at CUNY Lehman College and moved to the greater Philadelphia Region for my Dietetic Internship. After completion, I started working at an eating disorder facility which has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. 

Olivia Napoleon, MS, RDN, LDN
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