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Nutrition Therapy

Would this be a good fit?

Would you like a dietitian to hype you up and help you navigate those eating disorder thoughts?


Are you tired of the constant binge/restrict cycle? 

Have you constantly been told the only way to improve your health is by losing weight?​

Do you want to be able to live your life without obsessing over what you eat, how you move, and what you look like?


Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Disordered Eating

ADHD Nutrition

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

Body Acceptance

Body Acceptance

Other areas of expertise

  • Emotional Eating/Binge Eating

  • Mindful Eating

  • Intuitive Movement

  • Family Based Nutrition Counseling

  • ARFID Exposure Therapy

  • Managing Chronic Illnesses without weight loss as the goal

Who I work with

Adolescents ages 12-18 years old

I will incorporate family based nutrition therapy when applicable with my younger clients. Navigating your child's eating disorder can be overwhelming and confusing!

Adults of all ages

No matter your age, you deserve the best quality of life! It is never too late to seek help. I hold the same motivation for you as I do my adolescent clients. 



Initial Consultation

60 Minute Session


55 Minute Session

*Sliding scale may be available

Nourish and Liv is currently In-Network with the following Insurance Companies:


Use the link below for nutrition coverage inquiries

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