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My Approach

As a clinician I understand that it is important to feel comfortable with your dietitian. I strive to offer a trauma informed space for all individuals no matter race, gender or sexuality. We all deserve the right to live our best lives. And if I can help create a safe space, I would be honored. 

What to expect From Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Education individualized to your learning style

Compassion and Patience
Envisioning recovery can be daunting. We will focus on small goals ideally created by you. Focusing on short term goals leads to more sustainable progress. 

It's not always about the food
Our relationship with food is so dynamic

I want to hear about your highs and your lows

How was food perceived growing up?
What moments impacted your thoughts around food and/or your body image?
Do you have any enjoyable memories with food?


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